psydiff: a structural comparison tool for Python

(click on the above picture for a demo)

Psydiff is a structural comparison tool for Python, written in Python itself. The main algorithm and UI of psydiff is almost the same as ydiff.

If interested, you can see a demo of it here (psydiff comparing itself):

All the source code can be downloaded from my GitHub repo:

It’s still in early stage of development. I appreciate your bug reports, feature requests or contributions.

Special thanks to Ronny Pfannschmidt for code contribution and suggestions.

(Note: This project was named “pydiff”, but I found that the name has already been taken for another project. Thus it is now renamed to “psydiff“, meaning “PYthon Structural diff” or “PSYcho diff” :=)

A mind map guide for TeXmacs

TeXmacs was my best kept secret for homework assignments and papers with lots of mathematical formulas. It is a state-of-the-art typesetting system with unparalleled beauty. Many people think that it is just a “frontend” of TeX/LaTeX (like LyX) but they are very wrong, because TeXmacs is fundamentally superior than TeX. TeXmacs is a fully independent software, with the same or even better typographical quality than TeX but with much more intuitive and beautifully designed interface.

The editor environment is just amazing. It is 100% WYSIWYG. Yep, 100%. That means, the screen shows exactly what you would print out on paper. I don’t know of any word processor (including MS Word) that can do this today. If you haven’t used TeXmacs before, it would refresh your mind about what the word WYSIWYG really mean.

I know exactly what you would argue now, TeXers, but listen—with all the beauty, you don’t lose detailed control of document structure. You will be surprised to find out that it is also WYTIWYG (What You Think Is What You Get), and it has exploited this notion to the extreme. You will sense a “human centered” design in it.

So, ready for a try? Just download it (free) and dive in. Over the years, I have accumulated lots of useful knowledge regarding its use and have collected them into a mind map. Click on the following image and you can see all my best tricks with this software. Have fun!